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    Date Night Gone Horribly Wrong

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A woman assaults her husband for refusing to play mini golf.

    Talk about a date night gone horribly wrong.

    A Florida woman was recently arrested after a night out with her husband.

    The couple went out for a couple of beers and followed up with a bucket of chicken wings. The wife, Jennifer Lee evidently wanted more, wishing to play mini golf and spend the night in a motel room.

    However her 68-year-old husband didn’t want to shell out the cash for the additional activities and the pair argued. While en route back to their home, a deputy at a red light noticed the couple getting physical inside of a truck.

    Jennifer was reportedly slapping her hubby while grabbing him by the hair. They were pulled over and Jennifer claimed her spouse said “mean” things to her.

    She also made it clear she still wanted to play mini golf. She was arrested and charged with battery on an elderly person.

    In another bizarre couples fight from last year, a man in New Zealand ended up in handcuffs. Philip Russell got upset after his wife's pet pig caused over $2,000 in damages to his saw.

    Russell began cursing, then spat at his spouse several times before forcefully throwing a large ostrich egg at her chest.