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    Massive Crocodile Shot in Australia

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    A massive crocodile is shot after intimidating children.

    Crocodiles are big but one recently spotted in Australia was beyond comparison.

    According to residents, the giant creature had been causing problems in the area, about 150 miles southwest of Darwin. The saltwater crocodile was captured in a billabong near a river reserve. It was well known for intimidating locals, especially children, preventing them from crossing a road to get to school.

    When wildlife rangers received a report that the crocodile was menacing kids, they took action trapping the creature and shooting it.
    According to reports, the crocodile measured over 15 feet long and required a backhoe in order to load it in the back of a truck.

    In the mid-nineties, another massive croc was shot. The 21-foot long reptile had to be killed in a Territory Aboriginal community because it was killing residents’ cattle.A local who assisted in the capture stated “It is pretty well fed. It took two Land Cruisers to pull it out. “

    Prior to its death, the crocodile wasn’t happy with the dugong bones that local residents left around for it to feed on. It got increasingly aggressive,eventually killing the farm animals.