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    Springnet 904 = SXSW 2013 = MLove

    Paul Walhus

    by Paul Walhus

    Paul Terry Walhus (the "original king of twitter" according to the NY times, Slate, Salon and Buzzfeed) with, Austin, TX interviewed MLove at the SXSW Trade Show 2013 as part of 300 interviews with each trade show booth.

    The MLOVE ConFestival cemented its reputation as ‘a TED for mobile’ by spoiling attendees with three days of inspirational talks and workshops!
    - Contagious Magazine

    Though the backdrop is mobile, the goal is to stimulate new ideas and thinking which you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others.

    The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The event exposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximize the opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better. is seeking sponsors for its video series at SXSW 2013 and SXSW 2014.