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    SoundGecko Chrome Extension Converts Text to Audio

    Ileane Smith

    by Ileane Smith

    40 views SoundGecko is an extension for Chrome that will convert blog posts and news articles on the web from text to audio.
    Get SoundGecko and help us both get the pro version for free by signing up!

    In this video we’ll walk through:
    How to download the SoundGecko extension from the Chrome Store
    Set-up our account preferences on
    Select our voice preference
    Integrate Cloud services including Google Drive
    Listen to a blog post in Google Drive using the Drive Tunes App
    Change our notification settings
    Get an email from SoundGecko with a link to the audio version of a blog post
    Shout out to Mike Stelzner of the Social Media Marketing Podcast
    Refer a friend to get Pro features for free
    Connect iTunes to SoundGecko
    Convert PDF document to audio and listen to it in iTunes