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    Guarantee Jerry Garcia Autograph For Sale

    Guarantee Autograph

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    Guarantee Jerry Garcia "Garcia" 1972 LP Signed Autograph Grateful Dead For Sale - 609-953-5473 - Guarantee is an international provider of Jerry Garcia Signed Autographs For Sale.

    Jerry Garcia "Garcia" 1972 LP Signed Autograph Grateful Dead

    Jerry Garcia(2582)-"Garcia"-LP.Garcia is Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia's first solo album, released in 1972. Warner Bros. Records offered the Grateful Dead the opportunity to cut their own solo records, and Garcia was released during the same time as Bob Weir's Ace and Mickey Hart's Rolling Thunder. Unlike Ace, which was practically a Grateful Dead album, Garcia was more of a solo effort, as Garcia played almost all the instrumental parts. Six tracks eventually became standards in the Grateful Dead concert repertoire. Track listing

    "Deal" (Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia) – 3:14 "Bird Song" (Hunter, Garcia) – 4:26 "Sugaree" (Hunter, Garcia) – 5:54 "Loser" (Hunter, Garcia) – 4:10 "Late For Supper" (Garcia) – 1:37 "Spidergawd" (Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, Hunter) – 3:25 "EEP Hour" (Garcia, Kreutzmann) – 5:08 "To Lay Me Down" (Hunter, Garcia) – 6:18 "An Odd Little Place" (Garcia, Kreutzmann) – 1:38 "The Wheel" (Hunter, Garcia, Kreutzmann) – 4:12 The LP has been autographed on the front cover by Jerry Garcia....CONDITION OF VINYL IS WEAK VG.CONDITION OF COVER AND AUTOGRAPH IS VG.

    Phone: 609-953-5473

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