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    German contribution to Israel's security

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that submarines supplied by
    Germany to Israel were an important addition to Israel's national
    security. On Monday, a German newspaper reported that submarines
    produced by Germany and supplied to Israel as part of an extensive
    arms deal were capable of launching nuclear-tipped cruise missiles --
    despite insistence by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the
    submarines provided to Israel were not nuclear-capable. While
    Netanyahu was not asked about the submarines' nuclear capabilities, he
    did say that it was important that the Jewish State knew how to defend
    itself against all threats. Israel is considering the purchase of
    three more German submarines, in addition to the six it has already
    bought -- three of which are already in Israel. Germany will absorb a
    third of the cost of the deals, and allow Israel to delay payment of
    its part, until 2015.