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    Cash To Start A Business?

    Ron Gorton

    by Ron Gorton

    You dont need loads of cash to start a business! What you do need are the drive to get
    started, the enthusiasm to find artful solutions to problems that will present themselves
    early on, and the commitment to not let problems that others throw money at stop you from
    living your dream. Many are held back from becoming successful entrepreneurs simply
    because of the mistaken belief that they could never afford to start their own business?
    For example, if you want to become a dog groomer, you dont need loads of cash to start
    that business. You need to know how to groom dogs. Without this skill, no amount of money
    will allow you to make any headway into the dog grooming market. In a very real sense, you
    need to become a guru a person to whom others come to answers to their dog grooming