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    Keepers of the Dead


    by TeenaByrd

    Toni is Tom's wife. They are three days away from meeting the little girl they hope to adopt. She and he are emotional wrecks. Toni has been having a recurring dream that has been confusing her because she believes it is trying to tell her something. Toni & Tom have been trying to have kids for many years. However, after her two late-term miscarriages the couple has decided to adopt. The two children were put to rest in their favorite spot along the edge of a field a ways from their home. Tom often goes there to be with them. In this scene, Tom had been drunk the night before at their pre-adoption party and decided to go see them. Only to come back hours later and passed out outside. Toni has had enough of him pitying her and trying to be strong for her, when, in actuality, those roles have always been switched.