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    Die Hard Arcade - Long Playthrough


    by kyo221

    The player characters fight their way through waves of enemies, using their fists, feet, and a variety of weapons that can be collected from enemies or the environment, from household items such as brooms to high-damage anti-tank cannons. Most weapons are automatically lost at the end of each action scene, but hand guns can be retained so long as they have ammunition remaining. Quick Time Events are interspersed between many of the scenes. In some cases failing a Quick Time Event will result in a lost life, as is usual for QTEs, but failing most will put the player characters into an additional action scene which they otherwise would not have to complete. Cut scenes are interspersed into the action.

    At the end of the game, if both players are still alive, the two players will fight each other on the rooftop of the skyscraper to gain the sole appreciation of the President's daughter. This is a homage to Double Dragon, which feature a similar "face-off" battle.

    The Saturn version also includes a port of Sega's 1979 arcade game Deep Scan, which can be used to gain extra credits. Unlike most arcade ports, no additional credits are provided; losing a single life results in a game over.