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    Najib Tun Razak


    by malaysiannews

    Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak was born in the year 1953, 23rd July. He is presently the Malaysian politician and has been elected as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia. In the earlier phase of his life he had held the position of Deputy Prime Minister. He has been in the position from 7th January 2004 until he succeeded as Prime Minister on 3rd April 2009. Najib has also been the President of the United Malays National Organization, popularly known as UMNO. Saying about his background, it is necessary to mention that he is the son of Malaysia's second prime minister, named Tun Abdul Razak and also the nephew of Malaysia's third prime minister, named Tun Hussein Onn. Najib has also earned the position of the Minister of Finance. Malaysia is world’s best democracy.