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    Man Loses Legs in Tire Shredder

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    A man loses his legs in a tire shredder.

    A man in Missouri encountered a horrific injury after utilizing a tire shredder.

    The male fell into the rubber shredding machine while working at a tire recycling center.He had been attempting to perform maintenance on the shredder and got caught into it.

    He lost both of his legs up to mid-thigh.The victim’s coworkers had pulled him from the machine before emergency crews arrived on scene at ABC Tire Recycling. A fire department spokesperson stated, “It came in as a traumatic rescue, when they arrived on the scene we got information that an individual fell into a tire shredder and was separated from two of his limbs. He was taken to the hospital where his medical status was listed as critical.

    Several years ago, a man from Ohio passed away after he became trapped in a tire shredder.
    Scott Johnson was hospitalized for nearly 2 months following the incident which occurred at Tire Recycling Facility

    The 56-year-old male lost an arm and encountered cuts all over his body. Sadly he succumbed to his injuries and passed away in the hospital.