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    Stuffed Roadkill Cat Rug Sells at Auction

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    by Geo Beats

    A stuffed, roadkill cat rug sells at an online auction.

    A dead cat can evidently be worth some money.

    In a controversial online auction, taxidermist Andrew Lancaster decided to sell a stuffed cat rug.

    He had discovered the male kitty deceased on the side of the road on a highway in New Zealand. Thinking it was a ‘nice looking cat’, he did a U-turn and took it home.

    Lancaster claimed that there was no broken skin, leading him to make the assumption the kitty must have been directly run over . Lancaster stuffed the cat and turned it into a rug. Amazingly it sold for a winning bid of $785.00.

    Said to be a “great little gift for the mancave”, Lancaster stated in the description that he believed the kitty was wild. The auction received a good amount of attention, but not all was positive. Animal activists were in an uproar, citing the sale was in bad taste.

    Lancaster is well known for creating some unusual taxidermy projects. One of his works appears to be a stuffed rabbit’s body, but instead of a traditional animal face, a toy doll’s head protrudes from the neck.