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    World's Most Expensive Vacation Costs $1.5 Million

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    by Geo Beats

    A $1.5 million luxury vacation tours all UNESCO sites.

    One company is offering a two-year long trip, which is being referred to as potentially the world’s most expensive holiday.

    For about $1.5 million, it allows travelers to visit every single UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. teamed up with tour operation company Hurlingham Travel to initiate the travel venture. Included in the astounding price is overland travel, flights and upscale hotel accommodation. A portion of the money will also be donated to UNESCO.

    The managing director of the tour company states “This is certainly the most exciting trip we have ever managed and is the most remarkable travel adventure imaginable.”

    UNESCO recognizes 962 world heritage sites around the globe including picturesque Stonehenge, The Notre Dame Cathedral and The Pyramids of Giza.

    The website behind the UNESCO trip boasts several other unique offerings including a venture to space. For $105,000 per person, wealthy adventurers can travel away from Earth with only one other human – the pilot of the shuttle.

    The engines are shut off at one point during the flight, allowing the traveler to take in silent views of our planet.