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    Heinz's Halo 4 Live Stream (Pulse Esports)


    by pulseesports

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    Halo 4

    Please try and follow these chat guidelines to the best of your ability:
    1. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
    2. Links are always ok to post, but please don't post anything offensive.
    3. If there is something wrong with the stream or you think it can be improved in any way, please let me know!

    Team: Pulse Ambush - Heinz, Formal, APG, Snipedown and coach Diesel
    Gamertag: Heinz Jr
    Twitter: @RichieHeinz
    Controller settings: Recon, 4 sensitivity, no vibration
    Stream: I use the wirecast program along with a BMI pro capture card

    About me:
    I went to my first event in 2007 (Dallas) and have only missed two events over the past 4 and a half years. I've made some amazing friends through MLG who have brought along some awesome experiences & memories. I've won 4 events - 3 with Triggers Down in 2009 and 1 with Dynasty in 2011. I've also won multiple pro choice awards including the 2009 best overall player. Here is an exact history of all of my tournament placings:

    2007 (Halo 2)
    Dallas: Last Hope - Gun Shiii, Arkanum, Luigi (5th Round) & 18th FFA
    Chicago: True Influence - Eclipse, Hello Im Nice, Bizrs (5th Round) & 19th FFA
    Orlando: Unclutch Amateurs - Frumpy, Lil Colek, Xero (17th)
    Vegas: Top 20 FFA

    2008 (Halo 3)
    Meadowlands: Believe the Hype - Cloud, Mudvayne, Nexus (9th)
    San Diego: Believe the Hype - Cloud, Nexus, Silent (6th)
    Orlando: Ambush - Pistola, Mudvayne, Nexus (4th)
    Toronto: Ambush - Pistola, Cloud, Nexus (5th)
    Dallas: Ambush - Pistola, Cloud, Nexus (4th)
    Vegas: Ambush - Pistola, Cloud, Nexus (7th)

    2009 (Halo 3)
    Meadowlands: Triggers Down - Pistola, Hysteria, SK (1st)
    Columbus: Triggers Down - Pistola, Hysteria, SK (2nd)
    Dallas: Triggers Down - Pistola, Hysteria, SK (1st)
    Anaheim: Triggers Down - Pistola, Hysteria, SK (1st)
    Orlando: Triggers Down - Pistola, Hysteria, SK (5th)

    2010 (Halo 3)
    Orlando: Str8 Rippin - Snipedown, Legit, Tsquared (8th)
    Columbus: Str8 Rippin - Snipedown, Legit, Tsquared (10th)
    Raleigh: Believe the Hype - Snipedown, Demon D, Maniac (6th)
    Washington DC: Dynasty - APG, Clutch, Destin (3rd)
    Dallas: Dynasty - APG, Clutch, Destin (6th)

    2011 (Halo: Reach)
    Dallas: Triggers Down - Best Man, SK, Hysteria (9th)
    Columbus: Dynasty - Tizoxic, Snipedown, Destin (3rd)
    Anaheim: Dynasty - Tizoxic, Snipedown, Destin (6th)
    Raleigh: Dynasty - Tizoxic, Snipedown, Cloud (4th)
    Orlando: Dynasty - Tizoxic, Formal, Destin (1st)
    Providence: Dynasty - Tizoxic, Formal, Destin (5th)

    2012 (Halo: Reach & Halo 4)
    Columbus: Ambush - Formal, APG, Cloud (3rd)
    Dallas: Ambush - Formal, APG, Snipedown (2nd)

    If you have any questions or would like to contact me, just message me in the chat or tweet at me (@RichieHeinz). Thank you again for watching my stream!