Boring Taiwanese women

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This is why, after more than 6 years as a single man in Taiwan, I am yet to find a decent wife. Sure, all Asian women love their phone, but TW women have about as much class as a snail, and spend their entire time outside (in restaurants, at the park, waiting for the bus) with their heads absolutely buried in their f----- cellphones... They don't even talk with their -so called- 'friends' that are sitting right beside them during a simple subway journey... They would much rather chat to somebody online, than have a face-to-face, warm human conversation. If you are a single Western man in Taiwan, what hope have you got of finding a good, sociable woman? NONE... It's just not going to happen. Not to mention the fact that 99% of Taiwanese women have no interest in cooking, cleaning and becoming a good homemaker. The two in this video spent 25 minutes doing this crap - and in that time, spoke about three words to each other... Finally, don't think this crap is only with the 20-somethings... I have seen MANY Western men TOTALLY pi--ed off at TW women, who are in their mid-to-late 30s, spending a whole dinner-date chatting with their smartphones. One Westerner I knew did not eat the food, stood up - and left the woman without paying the restaurant bill.