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    Trebius und GianaBrother, zwei Profis im Gamingbereich, zwei Idioten bei Aufnahmen. Und das ist auch bei King Arthur's Gold nicht anders. Die beiden Idioten nehmen sich einem Spiel an, dass sie beide nicht wirklich kennen und somit keine besonders große Ahnung haben. Es wird zwar besser, aber wenn man sich nach kurzer Zeit so dämlich selbst umbringt... Naja, seht selbst, warum wir "Two Idiots Gaming" heißen.

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    King Arthurt's Gold:

    A long time ago, sometime, somewhere in a land of knights in shining armour and burning peasants a war had begun... King Arthur's Gold - affectionately known as KAG - is a unique build 'n' kill game. Think the creative aspects of Minecraft, plus the fortress-building mechanic of Dwarf Fortress, plus the strategy of Age of Empires 2, plus the fast-paced class-based craziness of Team Fortress 2... with all the unnecessary elements trimmed off, wrapped up in some cross-platform goodness and sprinkled with tasty, tasty pixels.

    Why you will want to PLAY IT?
    It's bloody FUN. After playing KAG you will redefine the word fun. No joke. It's SIMPLE enough to pick up and play within 5 minutes but will hook you for months. The demo is FREE. You don't have to spend money to try it out. It isn't even a big download! you can build a fortress in multiplayer and fight with your friends against ZOMBIES! Sorry for spoiling that, before we
    mention zombies you should read this wall of features:

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