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    Operation Paul Revere Contest - St. Charles County Missouri Hijacked Caucus

    This submission is for Operation Paul Revere, an video contest.

    During Missouri's 2012 GOP County Caucus season, voters from St. Charles County suffered through an attempt by their GOP subcommittee to rig the caucus in favor their preferred candidate. In order to keep their fraud hidden, members of the subcommittee attempted to prohibit cameras and recording devices, and ignore Robert's Rules of Order. Grassroots activists (including myself) would not stand for it, and stood their ground in defiance of the tyranny.

    Despite the threat of being arrested and charged with trespassing, grassroots activists exposed the fraud. I personally confronted the two of the would-be "riggers", and recorded the encounters. Two activists were arrested and charged with trespassing. Undeterred, we held our ground and ultimately a "do-over" caucus was held. The grassroots from St. Charles were victorious, and sent their delegates onto the Missouri State Convention.

    Our hope is that this documentary will serve as a warning and a model for how to avoid future caucus rigging attempts. Many thanks to my fellow grassroots activists for liberty in St. Charles County. You guys are the best, and this success would never have happened were it not for your bravery. You stood your ground when others would have caved, and because of that the cause of liberty was advanced that day. I'm honored to count myself among you. Let it never be said that liberty has no voice in St. Charles!

    Liberty must reign.

    Scott Koeneman