Should Woman on Woman Fighting Allow Transgenders? - The Philip DeFranco Show


by philipdefranco

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In today's show we talk about CNN, Sea Lions on the street, North Korean prioson camps and everything else that mattered to me.

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Old subject, but I just came across this video. Opinions are opinions. Nothing more. But science, is more entitled to decide all this. So, from a scientific point of view (not a personal opinion), after 2 years of surgery (so, no more testosterone at all in the body - so less testosterone than any biological woman) the muscles are at the same level of density as any other woman. Bone density (you might laugh) is in fact increased by estrogen, not testosterone.
The olympic commission, after consulting specialists (once again, science) decided to let transgender women athletes compete in their gender category. That's, once again, because scientifically, we are the same.
And, genetics are different for every person. There are women who will kick ass to any man :) and that's genetics.
Between biologically born women, there are also huge differences, just because they born this way. So, the discussion is just a point of view based on personal ideas of what is a woman and what is not. It's part of the big transphobia thing - not saying you are transphobic - considering women born differently .... still a man. One day we will live in a society where every different person won't be judged, or mistreated or hated and where everyone will try to educate before sending out there discriminatory messages. But unfortunately, I won't be able to see that in this life ...
By Daily January