White Girl Sues in the Name of Anti-Affirmative Action


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Hoping to change the use of race in the college admissions process, 23-year-old LSU graduate Abigail Fisher awaits the verdict of her lawsuit against the University of Texas, which is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. A ruling in her favor could end affirmative action policies in admissions at U.S. public universities. But according to Propublica, she wasn't as qualified as her complaint suggests.


Alsking someones race on a college application (or any application for that matter) is not only highly inappropriate, it's segregation in practice. Don't you know that America is not the land of equal opportunity, but rather segregated and special opportunities. As for rights...forget 'em, they don't exist. Don't beleive me? - try excersizing one of them.
By dm_5151b87ead739 2 years ago
Psst...step back from the camera little. Unless you are hope to get a spot on the next Les Miserables film, no one wants to see up your nose Jenny. I know it makes you 'feel' superior to the person you are talking about but it combined with your snide tone just makes you look like a bitch. Just calling it as it looks honey, have a nice day.
By Richard Russom 2 years ago