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    Sridevi very hot and romantic song with Vadde Naveen in Adi lakshmi movie - Intakalamu


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    Cast:Srikanth, Naveen Vadde, Sridevi, Nutan Prasad, Ali, Mallikarjuna Rao, Prithvi, Kadambari Kiran, Sivajiraja, Raghubabu, Raghunatha Reddy, Jenny, Lakshmipati, Narsing Yadav, Uttej, Chakri (special appearance) Purnima, Sudha, Sana, Ragini, Abhinayasri
    Direction: RV Suresh
    Production:Y Suresh


    Surekha (Sridevi) is a film heroine. During the audio release function of one of her films, Lakshmi Prasad (Naveen Vadde), a famous criminal lawyer, meets her and falls in love with her at first sight. However, the producer of the film dies under mysterious circumstances and the police catch Aadi (Srikanth) who allegedly killed him. But, Surekha comes to Prasad and pleads with him to save Aadi claiming that he is innocent. She says that Aadi was her childhood friend and she knows his mentality and he cannot kill a person. After speaking to Aadi, Prasad suspects that he is suffering from some mental disorder and takes the help of a psychiatrist Poornima (Poornima) who detects that he has a split personality. Prasad proves this in court and Aadi gets relieved.
    After the verdict, Aadi reveals to Prasad that he played a trick and in fact, he has no such disorder. The producer had tried to molest Surekha and unable to digest that fact, Aadi had killed him. Aadi loved Surekha so much so that he would kill anyone who comes between him and Surekha. Aadi doesn't even like the shadow of someone falling on Surekha. An honest advocate, Prasad wants to get him punished by the law. Learning that Prasad is in love with Surekha, Aadi warns him. Playing another trick, Prasad wants to get him arrested, but Aadi escapes and kidnaps Surekha to take her abroad along with him. But, Prasad puts a break to his plans and in the ensuing fight, Aadi falls in Gandipet reservoir and the police are not able to even trace his body. However, the audiences can see Aadi moving alone, which indicates that someone had saved Aadi.Chakri's melodious tunes for 'Aadi Lakshmi', the 50th film in his career, is a big asset for the film and all the songs are also choreographed well. Songs shot in Dubai are quite beautiful. Srikanth's performance is another major asset for the film. Sridevi's costumes look good. The songs with Srikanth and with Vadde Naveen are romantic. The other plus point is the novel storyline and its movement. The comedy track between Ali, Abhinayasri and Uttej does not evoke much laughter.Cinematography by Bhupati is good especially during the multiple personality disorder drama and the use of Digital Intermediate technology and colour grading just before the climax are very good. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja are impressive.

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