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    Woman Sets Up Lucky Shrine After Finding Dead Kitten in Sausage

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    A woman sets up a lucky shrine after finding a dead kitten in sausage.

    Cats are thought to be lucky in life, but one kitty seems to bring fortune in death.

    A 52-year-old woman in Northeastern Thailand is claiming that a dead kitten is bringing luck to local residents.

    Apparently the lady discovered the young deceased cat in a foot-long sausage which she was eating. When she cut into the edible link, she noticed what appeared to be a tiny animal.

    A closer inspection revealed a set of eyes, a nose and hair. Instead of complaining about the dead kitty, she set up a shrine inside of her home, placed the cat on top of the alter and prayed before it.

    Soon, the lady’s neighbors along with complete strangers began visiting her house to worship the kitty altar. Several of those people later won the lottery, speculating that the cat may just be luckier in death.

    Surprises in our food are unfortunately, not that rare. Last year, a 50-year-old woman, Christina Carrington received a screaming phone call from her daughter, informing her that a live frog was residing in their bagged, store-bought salad. Instead of making a shrine, Carrington was disgusted by the ordeal so she kept the frog in the fridge for another night, prior to giving it to a store employee.