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    Missouri Public Works Men Required to Bring Own Toilet Paper

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    Missouri public works men were forced to bring their own toilet paper to work.

    Budget cuts are forcing a Missouri town to go to extreme measures.

    Male public works employees in Windsor were required to bring their own roll of toilet paper to work.

    The decision came to light recently after a woman spoke at the board of alderman meeting asking if she could perform some fundraising events for toilet paper. Shortly thereafter, the mayor, Justin Brown confirmed that Public Works barn male employees were told to bring their own toilet paper, reportedly because the men used more paper than the women employees.

    Brown states “I was just really incredulous that this was a topic to be brought up at a City Hall meeting, much less have any truth to it. The number one emotion is embarrassment. We have a lot of good things going on in our little town, and this is the topic.”

    Apparently the public works director had told the staff that the budget was extraordinarily tight and somehow the decision for male workers to bring their own toilet paper was made unbeknownst to town authorities. The issue has since been resolved, allowing the men to once again utilize public toilet paper.