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    Chinese Residents See Pink Water Coming From Tap

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Pig corpses may be the culprit in China's pink drinking water.

    While colors in general are good, we don't want them in our water - right? And we definitely don't want pink-colored water.

    Some residents in Jinan, China have had pink water coming out of their faucets.

    Locals are being forced to purchase bottled water in fear of drinking the colored liquid.

    Recently, reports surfaced concerning dead pigs being dumped into a river in Shanghai. And many of those deceased animals were said to be diseased.

    Although the correlation between the pigs and pink water has been denied by government authorities, many residents don’t know what to believe given increased instances of environmental pollution.

    Last year, residents in St. Michael, Minnesota were left horrified after turning their taps on. Sinks began filling with pink water.

    Water board personnel assured people it was non-toxic and safe to drink. Apparently a pump supplying the oxidizing compound known as potassium permanganate was defective, adding a little too much into the water stream and causing the pink hues.