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    Floating Jellyfish Skyscraper Design Concept

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Floating robotic jellyfish skyscrapers rid pollution.

    It is no secret that pollution is a huge issue worldwide.

    In response to the issue, Chinese designers have come up with an intriguing concept to address the problem. They have devised a series of floating robotic skyscrapers which act as purifiers. The desired result being better air quality by converting pollutants into useful resources.

    They bear a resemblance to jellyfish. Described as PH Conditioner Skyscrapers, they could be used around the world to provide chemical fertilizer and reclaimed water for irrigation purposes as well.

    Essentially, they are designed to absorb damaging pollutants in the air caused by the burning of fossil fuels. The jellyfish skyscrapers turn that harmful waste matter into useful resources for the city through a series of internal processes.

    Situated between 200 and 300 meters in the air, the jellyfish are filled with hydrogen to provide buoyancy. The PH Conditioners work to absorb the pollutants.

    Porous membranes direct the pollutants to a purifier. Acidic materials are then neutralized into a fertilizer which will be released through the tentacles of the jellyfish, assisting plants attached to them in the growing process.

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