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    Data Ecosystem: How Connectivity Will Change the World



    Data Ecosystem: How Connectivity Will Change the World
    swissnex San Francisco - Swissnex San Francisco
    The advance of health devices is giving the world greater capability to track physiological data and create new systems of personalized health. According to ABI Research, the total number of wearable devices with fitness and wellness applications in 2012 was 30m, a 37% growth from 2011. The market is expected to grow at an average rate of 41% per year, leading to 169.5m devices shipped in 2017. With the multiplication of data available across emerging channels, what are the opportunities and challenges facing the healthcare industry? How to analyze/ make sense of the data? What will the data tell us? What are the advantages and risks for individuals to rely on healthcare devices? Our highly qualified panelists, with deep expertise ranging from high level technical issues to user behavior, measurement and social insights will explore the future of the data-driven health era.