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    Rosa's Food - The Gold Brothers

    Ari Gold

    by Ari Gold

    Just in time for Nutrition Month (March) we (Ari and Ethan) talk about the harsh and gritty tale of eating the food of the school dining hall. We made a movie about it when we were 9 years old living in San Francisco. You can watch that here!
    Do you have any stories of disgusting food you were forced to eat at your school cafeteria? Do you have any videos you can share with us? Post videos and stories in the comments and we'll write back!

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    The world's greatest twin-brother ukulele-guitar song-attack team ( vlogs about making movies and music. They travel from nation to nation singing tales of love and murder.

    The Brothers are:
    Ethan ( released his debut record Songs from a Toxic Apartment last year to high praise from Pitchfork, Rock N Roll Experience, Revolt, LA Weekly, etc. Prior to this, he produced and arranged Elvis Perkins' acclaimed debut album Ash Wednesday, composed a gargantuan 75-song death-rock opera The Rise and Fall of CAP, and the created the original songs and score for his brother Ari's epic comedy feature film Adventures of Power.

    Ari ( co-founded the new-wave-folk quintet The Honey Brothers, won a student Oscar for his short film Helicopter, and his first feature film Adventures of Power, which premiered at Sundance, was called "one of the funniest films in recent years" by New York Magazine. Ari starred in the film alongside Adrian Grenier, Jane Lynch and Michael McKean. He's currently editing his second feature which stars Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan, and Mary Beth Piel.

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