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    When you are just: TOO BUSY!!

    Johnny Barrie

    door Johnny Barrie

    Johnny Barrie hasn't seen his mum in three years. Does he care?

    About the sketches: The sketches are mainly silent scenes, set in the world of Johnny Barrie, a man who chooses to be alone, and wants to show the world how much more fun being by yourself is.

    To fully give the effect of a disassociated man going against the world we have chosen to film in UGC style.

    We also chose this form to go against the more "professional" style of filming that a lot of people think is necessary for online videos these days, this disheartens a lot of young comics from filming their sketches, because they think they need expensive cameras, sets and special effects to make good videos. We found this disappointing, as the world of online comedy should be about sharing the laughter, not expensive looking filming.
    Anyway, hope you enjoy.