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    Psychology of Islam and Muslims


    by MaDmOnkyKungFu

    I've worked with enough Muslims to understand their thought process. Under a Judeo/Christian value system if you lie and cheat someone it's a sin and a reflection on your character. Under Sharia lying is punished by cutting out someone tongue, but there are loop holes in the law called 'Taquiya'. It's ok to lie in buisness, to your wife, and to lie in war.

    So this means under Sharia if you lie and cheat someone it's a refelction on the character of the cheated not the cheater. If you can lie and cheat someone in a buisness deal and get by with it, it's considered it proof Allah loves them and not you. Even worse if your a Christian and you get cheated by a Muslim is a buisness deal not only does Allah not love you but they beleive you are under control of the Jews. Because western society and law is loosely based on the Ten Commandments. All this is one of the reason why Muslims beleive Sharia is superior to the Judeo/Christian values.

    America was built under the Judeo/Christian value system which made it a great pleace to live and work and do buisness. Which is why America has always been such a great economic power, and the economy is the basis of American economic power.