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    Man Chooses Xbox Over Sex - Girlfriend Attacks



    A Boyfriend pays the price when he chooses Xbox over Sex with his Girlfriend.
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    Source: Nearly nude woman assaults boyfriend:

    Girlfriend beats Xbox Addicted Boyfriend (Picture):

    Heather Hayes, 24, faces charges from an incident which took place on Feb. 26 at Turkey Hill. Charges of indecent exposure, simple assault, open lewdness, and harassment.

    Police received a dispatch at 2:42 a.m. about a female assaulting a male at the convenience mart. Upon arrival, he saw a female standing by the trash container, nude from the waist down.

    Hayes told police that she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, Eric Zuber, after he refused to have sex with her.

    Officers spoke with Zuber, who said that the two were at his house and that Hayes became argumentative when he refused to have sex with her. He said the argument escalated, and that Hayes began to slap and punch him about the head and back. She bit him on the left forearm, and grabbed his testicles and began to twist them.

    Ohl saw redness and bite marks on Zuber's forearm. Zuber said he was able to flee when Hayes was smashing things in the house. He said he was headed for the convenience store to call 911, and that Hayes was following him, yelling obscenities and insults. Zuber said Hayes followed him into the store, yelling at him, and hit him with her house keys.

    Hayes was taken to the police station. She said that for the past two days, Zuber had been playing Xbox with his friends, and not paying attention to her. Hayes said this upset her, and that Zuber wouldn't go to bed with her and have sex. Hayes said they argued, and that she smashed things in the house, but didn't remember assaulting Zuber.

    Asked why she was nude from the waist down, Hayes said it was because she was anticipating having sex, and that she didn't want to go upstairs and put on pants before following Zuber to the convenience store.