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    The Vast and Gruesome Clutch of Our Law


    by vagabond-unlimited


    The world is in the grip of a large catastrophe. Edward lives in a small community which has barely survived the long cruel winter. But when a stranger called Dean arrives in town hope returns and he seems to have a magical effect on them. But Dean is being tracked by a large foreign military power and the town is in big trouble for giving him shelter.

    Reviews: "The book is intriguing. I found it overwhelming. I found myself unwilling to let the book go until I had finished it. I would definitely pick up the sequel if I were to come across it."

    "I was genuinely interested in where this tale was heading and there are some fine ideas in here."

    "Its post-apocalypse setting and ambience stimulated an affectionate nostalgia"

    “It had me absolutely enthralled from the moment I picked it up.”

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