GAY LIVE NEWS #5 ENGLISH - Broke Straight Boys TV, Elizabeth II, Vatican, Mardi Gras Sydney, Europride Marseille 2013, Andrew Christian

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Welcome to Gay Live News, a show about LGBT World News.
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Here is the round up of this today’s show :

BUZZ #3 : Broke Straight Boys TV, a new gay reality show
Get ready for scandals sex and drama, with the questions everyone asks, are these boys really straight ?

BUZZ #2 : The Queen Elizabeth The Second
Her Majesty has sign a new charter of the fifty four member comonwealth last Sunday.

BUZZ #1 : A gay sauna at the Vatican
A historic palazzo in Rome that houses a key Vatican department is also the home of a well-known gay sauna.

POINT OF THE WEEK : Here we go to Sydney !
The city has recently welcomed the 35th edition of Mardi Gras that brings thousands of visitors to the bigger LGBT festival of the globe.

THE GOOD CAMPAIGN : EuroPride in Riviera
The 2013 edition will be held in Marseille France from the 10th to 20th of july.

And THE LAST NEWS : Eiffel Tower...
The frenchiest "love" toy in the world: “La tour Est Folle”, litterally the tower goes crazy...

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