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An ongoing updating of new, and the greatest of the old, u.f.o. sightings and e.t. activity being uploaded to the internet.

These individual clips and compilations are for the convenience of mothers with young children who want to see the evidence for ufo's but haven't got the time to wade through the daily uploads.

Extraterrestials are here and they are NOT going away.
Our destiny is their destiny.
A destiny that is intertwined forever.

Be a trend-setter and familiarise the whole family with the most important set of events that has ever happened in the history of the world.

Resize the browser so that it is just the film that is displayed on the computer screen and then hook up the computer to a flat screen telly and give her and him a REAL spectacle.
See how much more impressive these clips are when viewed on a bigger screen

It is your delightful privilege to explain what is happening and what it means to the children and the hubby.
If you're not sure what it all means yourself visit... http://www.endic.at and get the gen.

To see 100's of hours of more u.f.o. films copy and paste this link... http://endic.at/U/UFO/2013/MARCH/17th%20march%202013.html


googoliers, I have no time for nonsense like "beginingless and endless space" and the like because there was a beginning (or a quantum leap) 13.7 billion years ago for our universe and its transformation from whatever state it was in into this ENERGETIC fabric of spacetime. Note that this fabric consists of a trio.There is a limit to how much a finite energetic fabric can be stretched, according to the conservation of energy law. There is no "infinite space" beyond the parameters of our expanding spacetime because space, time, and energy cannot exist with any one of the other two missing. They are the primary, eternal ingredients of reality. Physicists, take note. The question is whether or not the fabric of spacetime reverses its expansion upon reaching its limits or quantum leaps into something beyond our comprehension when it does so. We can only theorize.
By Freethinker51 Last year
Freethinker... you seem sincere. hope these links help. Link fro the beginningless... http://www.endic.at/S/SPAC/SPACE%201/space%201.html Link for reality... http://www.endic.at/R/REAL/REALITY/reality%201.html Link for good and bad beings... http://www.endic.at/D/DINO/DINOSAUR%20MAN%201/dinosaur%20man%201.html Link for longevity... http://www.endic.at/L/LONG/LONGEVITY%201/longevity%20basic%201st%20january%202009.html
By googoliers Last year
I believe I understand why quantum leaps occur at the quantum level. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, according to the conservation of energy law. It is eternal. It is also finite. Energy must always be active. It cannot be stilled or it will cease to exist. It is impossible to trap energy because it always has an escape hatch - a quantum leap up its sleeve to prevent its demise. Trapping energy at the quantum level is like trying to plug a bunch of holes simultaneously with only one plug. Can we use quantum mechanics to achieve instant communication at distances measured in light years? Perhaps. Will it be possible to bypass or greatly exceed the speed of light to send spaceships to other solar systems? I don't see how. Wormholes appear to be wishful thinking. Perhaps it will be possible for us to communicate via video with extraterrestrials, but a face to face appears to be impossible. Intelligent life may exist on more than one planet in other solar systems. That may be a bad thing because one society will very likely be more advanced than the other and use that to its advantage. That may mean war or extermination if the disadvantaged society objects. Perhaps we're very lucky to be so isolated.
By Freethinker51 Last year
Link for quantum jumps... http://www.nytimes.com/1986/10/21/science/physicists-finally-get-to-see-quantum-jump-with-own-eyes.html
By googoliers Last year
Some critical things to understand before believing in extraterrestrial UFO's: The closest star to us is Proxima Centauri at 4.24 light years away. The tenth closest star is 10.322 light years away. If one of those stars has a planet with a society more advanced than ours, it would have to be considerably more advanced to send spaceships such an enormous distance to explore our planet. The maximum speed at which we can send a message is the speed of light. To send and receive a message to Proxima Centauri would take 4.24 years to and 4.24 years to receive a reply. So, unless an advanced society has proven Einstein's theory of relativity wrong, communicating with home base is very difficult. The speed of light is 670,616,629 miles per hour. It would take Voyager 1 well over 70,000 years to reach Proxima Centauri. If we are able in the future to make a ship travel 100 times faster than Voyager 1, which is the fastest vehicle we've ever launched, it would take it 700 years to reach Proxima Centauri. It would still be senseless to waste all the money it would take to send a ship that far. We'll all have been dead for over 600 years by the time it arrives and sends a message, if it has made a successful trip and if future generations have been keeping tabs on it and if they still have the ancient equipment that will be necessary to receive a message from it. Sending a human being that far is obviously impossible. An information-gathering robot is the only alternative. With all the complications involved, why would any intelligent society bother? The only thing that makes sense is sending out radio signals and searching for them. I'm sure intelligent life on other planets have reached similar conclusions and that's why I don't believe UFO's are extraterrestrial. If they are, they're much more likely to have robots for pilots than DNA-based beings.
By Freethinker51 Last year