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    Entire Bridge Stolen for Scrap Metal

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A bridge is stolen for scrap metal.

    Can you ever imagine your town's bridge disappearing overnight?

    Locals in a small town in Turkey were left dumb-founded after they discovered that a beloved bridge had been stolen.

    Measuring 25 meters long with a weight of 22 tons, the overpass was frequently used by residents to cross a creek to reach nearby orchards. Police were called to the location and concluded that the bridge had been cut into smaller pieces and loaded onto a truck.

    Officers believe the crossing was taken so it could be sold as scrap metal. The authorities have launched an investigation into the incident while villagers are left shocked and angered, as they now are required to walk across the creek barefoot to reach the orchards.

    In 2011, two brothers in Pennsylvania were legally charged after stealing a bridge and selling it for scrap metal. The crossing once provided access to a fireworks manufacturing plant, but was later seldom used.

    Located in a secluded, wooded area, the thieves allegedly used a blow torch to take it apart. The brothers reportedly sold the steel for $5,000.