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    Human Statue Punches Man Following Wet Willy

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    A human statue punches a man following a wet willy.

    While commonly seen on city streets, people posing as statues usually attract other humans looking to get a reaction from them.

    Well one man in Queensland, Australia earned himself a hard punch in the face by a street performing statue who had quite simply, had enough. The heckler had reportedly given the human statue a ‘Wet Willy’ and received a bloody mouth in return.

    A witness to the incident states “Nothing much was said, but people were just shocked, but also knew he deserved it.” The instigator walked away from the scene acting as if nothing happened.

    In another report from last year, a street clown got into a fight with a cop in Milwaukee. Apparently the clown was running in and out of traffic so an officer tried to correct the situation.

    A wrestling match broke out – the two of them threw punches and battled on the ground, all for drivers to witness as they passed by.