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    Black Death Skeletons Unearthed in London

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    Black death bodies are unearthed in London.

    London’s new underground high speed rail project, called Crossrail, has uncovered a mass grave believed to be from the time of the Black Plague.

    Thirteen dead bodies were found along with pottery that was dated back to the mid-14th century.

    The area where the bodies were found is in Charterhouse Square, which used to be outside of London proper and referred to as No-Man’s Land.

    The human remains were dug up from eight feet below the surface of the road.

    The Crossrail project will cost an estimated 20 billion dollars to complete.

    Jay Carver, the project archaeologist for Crossrail said: “Every hole we're digging is contributing info to London archaeologists, who are constantly piecing together and synthesizing the information we've got for London as a whole.”

    Excavators working on the project have found other dead bodies under the streets of London, including over 300 bodies from a burial ground on Liverpool Street that dates back from the 15 hundreds to the 17 hundreds.

    The skeleton remains will be reburied after archaeologists have finished running tests on them.

    The Black Plague killed around one and a half million British people during the mid 14th century.