Spiders Eating Bats Is Common: Study

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Spiders all over the world bats except in Antarctica.

According to a new study, spiders have been documented eating bats on every continent, except Antarctica.

Around 90 percent of spiders that are known to catch bats live in warm climates, like the neotropics of North and South America, along with parts of Asia, Australia and Papua, New Guinea.

Spiders can catch bats and eat them without a web too.

12 percent of bat eating spider cases in the study are from spiders who hunt without building a web.

Certain species of spiders are even known to eat vertebrate animals that outsize them. For example, fishing spiders have been observed dining on fish and frogs.

Some tarantulas and comb-footed spiders have been documented preying on mice and snakes, and other spiders are known to catch and eat small birds.

Other predators of bats include giant centipedes in Venezuela, owls, hawks, snakes and even cockroaches, which have been seen eating baby bats that fell to the floor of a cave.

While some of the bats documented in the study died from dehydration, starvation, or exhaustion, many of the bat casualties were the direct result of intentional attacks.