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    Lamb Born with Two Heads

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    A lamb is born with two heads.

    How many heads does a lamb have? One, course. Well, not always.

    Ghana pro -

    How many heads does a lamb have? One, course. Well, not always.

    A lamb recently born in the southwest of Ghana has a rare characteristic. Pictures have surfaced online showcasing the tiny black and white animal. Two full heads stem from its neck.

    The lamb was born right next to a general goods shop in a small village. The photos depict a seemingly normal looking animal with four limbs and one tail but a closer inspection reveals an additional black head.

    Local residents claim that no one seems to know the owner of the mother lamb. Little else is currently known about the baby animal including whether or not it is still alive.

    If the lamb is able to survive, the small animal has much better chances of living in captivity, rather than in the wild.

    Last year, Switzerland became home to a six legged female calf named Lilli. Veterinarians first believed the baby cow would not survive, but their predictions were apparently wrong as her owner stated she was 'so full of life'.

    At several weeks old, she was adorably eating, drinking and walking around the fields, seemingly oblivious to her disability.