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    Worry Free Living TV: Questions No One Ever Asks Money, Kiplingers, Forbes or Barrons

    Brian Fricke

    by Brian Fricke


    In this edition:

    • Magazines like Money, Kiplingers, Forbes & Barron's publish a list of top financial advisors. If you're an adviser and want to be on that list you have to answer a detailed questionnaire about how you provide advice to your clients. Here's how I would fill out the form on behalf of one of these magazines.

    • Mad Money host Jim Cramer-and other proponents of do-it-yourself investing-are not very likely to tell you the truth about why you shouldn't go it alone. The truth is that working with a professional advisor can bring you far more success. Let's look at a few ways an advisor adds value

    • Picture of the Week - Justin's 1st business trip and Adam's video internship application

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