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    'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Adds Additional Cast


    by ClevverMovies

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    Bryan singer leaks photos of the new Xmen Cast via Twitter. It took some time to distinguish everyone on the new roster in this twitter photo, but we think we have it all figured out. So far, we have a lot of familiar faces and some names you will recognize like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, and Anna Paquin, but we also have three new-er faces including Daniel Cudmore, Fan Bingbing, and Booboo Stewart. Of course you all remember Cudmore as Colossus from The Last Stand, so he will be reprising that role this time around, but what about the other two? Well, we are hearing rumors that Fan willl be playing the mutant, Blink. Blink has the power of teleportation, which makes her somewhat vulnerable and usually has her killed off early. There was actually a rumor going around that Alan Cumming would be teleporting back as Nightcrawler, but it looks like Bing will take that power this time around. There is, however, no word yet on which character Twilight star, BooBoo Stewart will take on. Now, taking another look at the photo here, the arrangement is very interesting. Do you all notice that there are a lot of empty spaces? Which could allude to the fact that there might be more actors joining the cast. The top row seems to be the main characters, and the second row focusing on secondary ones, so maybe there are more announcements on the way? What do you guys think? If you're worried that there may be too many characters involved to have a cohesive story, director Bryan Singer wants to ease your fears. The director spoke to BleedingCool and seems confident that the Days of Future Past story will be really awesome saying quote "It's a really cool story, and incidentally, it facilitates all of these characters. They weren't just thrown in there, and they all play a role...and I know they will be fun to shoot. I want to keep that humor in because the thing about X-Men is that the themes are so serious, but the film doesn't need to be.." So, what do you all think about these new cast members? And, do you think there could be more characters joining the roster? And what about the story line...Do you trust that Singer can make all of the character relationships work? Share those thoughts with us down below, and if you can keep them under 140 characters, tweet them to us too at ClevverMovies. Thanks for coming back to ClevverMovies, and until the next video, Im Erin White. See ya!