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    Man Arrested After Counterfeit Bills Discovered in Printer

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    A man is arrested after counterfeit bills discovered in printer.

    Jarad Carr of Wisconsin was arrested when he tried to return a printer to Walmart without a receipt.

    A printer with two counterfeit 100 dollar bills still lodged in it.

    Police were called to the scene when Carr became irate because of the store’s refusal to take it back.

    Upon inspection, police discovered three more fake bills on Carr.

    He was charged on multiple counts including forgery and attempted theft by fraud.

    It’s unlikely he would have been able to pass the money off as real anyway. Even with the bevy of high quality scanners and printers available to the general public, counterfeiting is still a tricky business.

    This is mostly due to the paper on which US currency is printed.

    The secret formula is closely guarded by its manufacturer, Crane & Company.

    The Crane family has been making paper for the US mint since 1879.

    By the way, counterfeiting is a federal felony and carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years.