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    Mice Chew Family's Savings

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Mice chew a family's savings.

    We hear stories of dogs and cats damaging personal property but how about mice?

    Well, a migrant worker in China came home to find that mice had chewed through his savings of over $1,100.

    His wife had kept the bank notes hidden in a coat pocket, which was placed in a closet of the couple’s home in Shanghai suburb. Some of the cash was a loan repayment to an acquaintance.

    The distraught worker stated, “We planned to use part of the money to pay for our child's studies at school and give the rest to our elderly parents.”

    The Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank is waiting for the male to assemble the monetary pieces back together so they can be exchanged for new, unchewed bills.

    Last year, a 9-year-old boy in the Ukraine took $4,000 of his parent’s life savings from the family home in order to buy a big stash of candy. The cash was kept in an area under the couch, but when the dad returned home from work, he noticed that all of the money was missing.

    When confronted, the boy admitted to stealing the cash, but he did do one good deed, sharing the sweet treats with his friends.