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    Skydiver Survives 8,000-Ft Jump After Parachute Failure

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A skydiver survives an 8,000 foot fall after his parachute fails.

    Skydiving is an exciting as well as a dangerous sport.

    Recently, an experienced plane jumper, 51-year-old Craig Stapleton hopped from an aircraft that was 8,000 feet in the air, venturing over vineyards in Northern California.

    He jumped with a female friend.

    Both were attempting to perform a visually appealing flag-release stunt, but something went terribly wrong when Stapleton’s parachute refused to open. Frantic, he went into a spin and struck the ground as his body traveled 30 miles per hour.

    Amazingly he survived with only a dislocated shoulder and minor bumps and bruises. The terrifying incident was caught on camera. Stapleton states “I remember being relieved because I was still alive. I don’t know about any flag jumps anytime soon. But who knows, I’m pretty stupid.”

    In 2007, an expert jumper named Michael Holmes narrow escaped tragedy after jumping from a plane which was 14 thousand feet in the air. His main parachute had deployed but became tangled in his backpack rendering it ineffective.

    With a camera attached to his head he simply stated “I'm dead. Bye”. To the shock of onlookers he survived the ordeal with a collapsed lung and broken ankle.