Family Feud Over the Fate of From Historic Caves

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A family feuds over revenue from historic caves.

The family that owns Luray Caverns in Virginia, has disputed the distribution of profits of their approximately 20 million dollar empire.

They argued over the financial aspects of the business by facing off in the United States District Court in Harrisonburg.

The three youngest siblings sued two of their older sisters, claiming they violated provisions in the family trusts and should not inherit any shares of the company.

The case was dismissed by the Judge Michael Urbanski who said: “This case is simply one skirmish in the complicated and contentious battle that has been waged between the descendants of Colonel Northcott over the distribution of stock and control of Luray Caverns, it is helpful to place the current litigation in its historic context.”

Luray Caverns in Virginia sees up to 35 hundred tourists a day that take a one hour tour costing 24 dollars for an adult.

It has been open for over 130 years and is the number three top visited cave in The United States after Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

Luray Caverns Resort has expanded over the years to include two motels, two museums, a golf course and a garden maze.