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    Musicians Band Together to Preserve a Special Tank

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Musicians unite to preserve a Colorado tank.

    Water tanks are part of most urban settings but they rarely draw any sort of reaction from anyone looking at them.

    An old tank in Colorado, however, serves as a musical wonder. Take a listen:

    A musician named Bruce was introduced to the never-used, rusted water tank in 1976 while venturing through the northwestern parts of the state.

    He utilized a circular portal to gain entry to the 60 foot tall cylinder and immediately discovered that it had exceptional acoustics.

    One musical note could reverberate for approximately 40 seconds while inside the tank.

    It was initially part of a railroad project that was never finished and the chamber was later sold to another musician for $1.

    Now, a group of music enthusiasts are trying to raise funds on for preservation efforts.

    If the fund-raising goal is met, the artists hope school workshops and other musical recordings will be conducted inside of the chamber. The group states “We will rescue, save and preserve The Tank for the Human Spirit, for Creative Exploration, and for Posterity.”

    What do you think? Is the tank worth saving?