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    5 Hottest Spots in Gyms for Bacteria

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    Check out the 5 hottest spots for bacteria in gyms.

    While we go to the gyms for improving health, the same facilities can also expose us to all kinds of germs.

    Here are 5 of the germiest surfaces commonly seen in gyms according to

    Number 5 – Your gym bag goes from home to car to fitness center and anywhere in between. That gives the bag ample opportunities to pick up germs. Dropping it on a dirty ground is a common practice.

    Number 4 – Getting a quick drink from the water fountain poses several threats. They frequently contain spit from other users. Placing your mouth on the spout is the easiest way to catch germs from other drinkers. The button on the fountain can also be riddled with bacteria. Wiping down the fountain with sanitizing wipes is recommended.

    Number 3 – Soap dispensers can be home to a layer of microorganisms which can grow on alcohol that leaks out. Upon evaporation, the germs can rapidly multiply. It may be wise to bring your own soap or sanitizer to the gym.

    Number 2 – Those fitness center TV’s make cardio workouts a breeze but the remote controls can often contain anything from E. coli to norovirus and the flu. The best solution is to avoid touching your face until your hands have been washed after handling the remote.

    Number 1 – Water bottles can be bacteria ridden. Water can get contaminated when germs are transferred by hands touching contaminated public machines and then opening the cap. Refilling bottles also poses a danger as open air germs can get inside. Refilling or choosing a container that can be opened with your mouth are good measures to avoid getting sick.