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    Your words to me are life and health - Chris Lawton at Southville Methodist Church, Feltham, London

    Christopher Lawton

    by Christopher Lawton

    Me playing the organ at Southville Methodist Church in Feltham, London.

    The church website reads as follows: "In the thirties, the Choir, inspired by "Bill" Everitt, choirmaster for many years, had a dream of installing a pipe organ in the church,
    and, in small ways, fundraising commenced. Pennies and even farthings found their way into the fund, and by the mid-forties over £100 had been raised in this way. This was encouragement enough, and Autumn Fayre efforts were diverted to the Organ Fund, until in 1950 the Trustees decided to commit themselves to the purchase of a Compton M-miniature Model Organ which was commissioned and dedicated in June 1952 and is the instrument still in use today. Our "little gem" continues to give pleasure to organists and
    congregations alike, and is a fitting instrument by which we can give glory to God".

    The specification reads:

    Bourdon 16'
    Flute 8'
    Great to Pedal
    Swell to Pedal

    Bourdon 16'
    Open Diapason 8'
    Rohr Gedeckt 8'
    Principal 4'
    Fifteenth 2'

    Open Diapason 8'
    Rohr Gedeckt 8'
    Flute 4'
    Piccolo 2'

    I am playing the hymn 'Your words to me are life and health' to the beautiful tune 'Capel' which gives an idea of what the organ sounds like for accompanying congregational hymn singing.

    Many thanks to the church officials for allowing me access to this 'little gem' as rightly stated on the church website, and for making me so welcome.

    NOTE: this is purely my interest in order to make sure that these fine organs are archived forever and I do not make any monetary profit by this video being on dailymotion.

    For more information on the John Compton Organ Company Ltd and to see me play other Compton organs, please click on the following link for my site dedicated to the John Compton Organ Company Ltd:

    REQUEST: I am always on the lookout for Compton organs to play - particularly electrones - so if you know of any churches which still have these then please do let me know. I will happily give a donation or pay any applicable room hire charge.