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    Death of the Desktop

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    Advertising Week Europe. Session from Run Run Shaw Stage on Monday 3/18/2013.

    Changes in computer hardware and the way we use these technologies require a shift away from the desktop metaphor that has governed OS interface design for nearly 40 years. Unlike some OS designs that dam up information behind their icons, Windows 8's Live Tile structure frees the information to flow directly to the user, getting the OS out of the way. In doing so, it offers the first OS design to shift away from the desktop metaphor and toward an appreciation for how we actually use computing devices as part of a larger networked and social reality. All of this now enables innovation in how we approach, measure, and model advertising to accord with the new reality how people use their devices. An exciting new wave of end-user to brand interaction becomes possible within the Windows 8 application environment and beyond, weaving seamless experiences across multiple screens.
    Michael Dwan Senior Director, Yarn, MICROSOFT ADVERTISING
    Presented by Microsoft Advertising