Lord Of The Rings a short version


by jwj

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#hooho tres bien Merci pour la video,
By jodiej08 4 years ago
Hi Laurenb3 , When did Tolkein become some sort of Holy Cow ,that people can't take the piss out of him . Tolkein never was and never will be considered a great writer . In my opinion the only good book Tolkein ever wrote was the Hobbit ,and he should have stuck to writing children's books . I have read Lord Of The Rings , twice , when I was 20 and again when I was 43 , and both times I found this trilogy boring because of its length . The story didn't need 1000+ pages to tell , and would have been a far better book if it had been reduced to a single 300 page volume . If you truly believe that Tolkein was a great writer , can I suggest you go and read some of the work by a contemporary of Tolkeins , a writer named James Joyce , then you will see what great story telling is all about .
Yours JWJ .
By jwj 7 years ago
Um, ok, this is so stupid. First of all, do you know why Tolkein wrote this in the first place or what he was even talking about? He is a really important man in history and he showed a lot of historical things in this book. The movie is the same, so no one should be making fun of it. It just makes you look stupid. By the way, anyone who thinks that Lord of the Rings has no point and is only a fantasy, you're wrong.
By lalalalaurenb3 7 years ago
That´s funny!
By jessasna 7 years ago