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    Aeschylus' ORESTEIA The Movie - Orestes' Blended Memories Scene

    Lucas Thanos

    με Lucas Thanos

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    The Oresteia is a trilogy of Greek tragedies written in 458 BC by Aeschylus.

    Orestes' Blended Memories Scene,
    from the film ORESTEIA (pre - production)
    Created By Lucas Thanos
    Music By Lucas Thanos

    Priestess: Bianca Malinowski
    Oracle: Penelope Sergounioti

    The cast of the theatrical production of ORESTEIA Los Angeles 2012
    Watchman - Advisor: Frantz Turner
    Agamemnon: Michael Monks
    Clytemnestra: Liana Thanou
    Cassandra: Angelina Prendergast
    Aegisthus: Robert Jayne
    Electra: Danay Garcia
    Orestes: Alexander Popovic
    Nurse Cilissa: Carolyn Lawson
    Doorman: Ben Griesse
    Apollo: Michael Monks
    Daughter of Darkness: Shure Jewell
    Athena: Liana Thanou
    Priestess: Korrina Kaplanis

    Korrina Kaplanis, Ben Griesse, Lizelle Gutierrez, Cory Storey,
    Asimina Antoniou, Caitlin Mckenney
    Katerina Gagkas, Alexie Geronimo, Naomi Pessy, Kelly Browning
    Vince Trupsin, Matthew Krumpe, Melvin Ramsey, Megan Kenson,
    Valentino Vladamirov, Michelle Costello, Emily Andrews

    Tom Kurai
    Shih-wei Willie Wu

    Translated and Directed by Lucas Thanos
    Music and Choreography by Lucas Thanos
    Assistant Director Katerina Gagkas
    Assistant Choreographer Sabrina Phillip
    Casting Director for The Chorus Maynor Lopez - Timothy O' Brien Johnson
    Scenery constraction George Palilis
    Costume Tailoring Elisavet