Felix the Cat Germ Mania (1927) Pat Sulivan Cartoons

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Felix inspects the test tubes in a laboratory to reveal Laurel-and-Hardy-like Golf Germs and spooning Love Germs, who resent his intrusion in their romance.

Felix the Cat goes through some unusual adventures courtesy of his body and some familiar expressive symbols. In this one, Felix goes to a lab and finds some "golf germs" (germs that play golf) and "love germs" (a male and female germ kissing). The lab technician has a new discovery and tests them on Felix: they're fluids that both enlarges and reduces with the result of the Cat's head shrinking and his tail growing fast! The last thing I just described was pretty cool for the silent era it was made in. After that, there's a few more gags of Felix shrinking and a germ enlarging and chasing after a normal-looking Felix but it's largely the middle part with the Cat getting abnormal shapes that I was impressed with. So on that note, I recommend Germ Mania.